Having an on-site laboratory allows us the opportunity to cut lenses for almost any frame. Bring in a current prescription and one of our certified opticians will help you choose the best lens options available. We work with some of the worlds leading lens manufacturers such as Zeiss, Shamir, Hoya and U.S. Optical. 

We gladly accept and bill Medical Eye Services (MES) insurance.  



There's not  a lot that we CAN'T do here at Eyes On Fifth. Adjustments, re-polishing acetate, re-wiring, replacing nose pads and screws are just a few examples! Stop by or call and we'd be happy to diagnose and fix your frames!  


custom frames

Your eyewear should be as unique as you are! We are proud partners with Spex Wax, 3DNA, and Tom Davies of London who specialize in completely custom frames. Any size, shape, color, or material that your heart desires - we can make it happen. We also offer a wide variety of in-house services - most of which can be done same day.